<p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">Thanks to a recent grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, the department is upgrading all of the laboratory equipment in the Frederick M. Stark Molecular Biology Lab. This room is home to microbiology, histology and immunology classes at BCU. </p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">Briar Cliff owns one of the region's only educational cadaver labs, where students can perform complete dissections of the human body. The hands-on experience with real cadavers will give you an an understanding of anatomy that goes beyond pictures, models or textbooks. </p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">The botany lab contains the Briar Cliff herbarium, an impressive collection of botanical specimens collected from all around the region — including the urban Sioux City prairie located directly west of campus. </p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">In BCU's own backyard sits the nation's largest urban tallgrass prairie, which provides a 150-acre, outdoor classroom that you won't find at any other college in the country. We established the Center For Prairie Studies in 2009 thanks to a major grant from the Gilchrist Foundation.</p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">Ever wonder what it's like to hold a live tarantula? How about hearing a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach? You can see, hold and hear live insects and arthropods by working with the BCU Insect Zoo, which has given free educational presentations to more than 7,000 children in Siouxland.</p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">All five of our biology faculty members hold a Ph.D., and perform research in their own fields of expertise. You can help, with everything from prairie-related research to exploring improved pregnancy outcomes for mothers and babies fighting infection. </p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">Every May, we embark on a trip to the Black Hills that includes stops at the Badlands, Wounded Knee, Wind Cave National Park, Devils Tower and Harney peak — just to name a few!  We've also traveled recently to the Kansas prairie, Ozarks forest, west Texas desert, southern California chaparral, Hawaiian islands and the Costa Rican jungle. </p><p style="padding-left:25px; padding-bottom: 15px;">Our graduates have been accepted into medical, dental, physical therapy and veterinary school. Others land jobs right away in everything from quality control and research development to conservation and park management. Still others begin fulfilling careers in teaching!</p>